About Group NIRE


Group NIRE was formed in 2010 by Texas Tech University and has successfully become an independent company while maintaining a collaborative relationship with Texas Tech’s renowned researchers. Group NIRE focuses on developing energy resources from early stage technologies to commanded deployment. Group NIRE’s overall goal is to accelerate the development, commercialization, certification and adoption of new technologies in the energy industry.

Group NIRE accomplishes its goal through successful management of testing and certification of its partnered manufacturers’ different energy technologies. This enhanced technology commercialization is available at Group NIRE’s unique energy research facility, located at and near the Reese Technology Center in Lubbock, TX.

Group NIRE is a for-profit company that is characterized by their nonprofit mindset of reinvesting back into their field site to help accelerate the energy industry. Group NIRE provides project development and consulting services for both commercial and research purposes. Through Group NIRE’s performance with testing at their facility, they are a top choice for real world testing and certification.


To offer intelligent solutions based on innovation, reliability and customized services. To create opportunities for success through trusted, reliable and long term partnerships, in helping advance energy technologies to improve the environment and promote energy self-sustainability.

Group NIRE is a partner of choice when working with corporate partners, universities and government agencies due to their ability to move quickly and efficiently. Their business code of conduct is of the highest integrity and professionalism. Group NIRE is committed to the communities in which they live and work.

Group NIRE and Texas Tech University

Group NIRE, in partnership with Texas Tech University, has developed the Global Laboratory for Energy Asset Management & Manufacturing (GLEAMM). GLEAMM is located at the Reese Technology Center in Lubbock, TX, USA and provides real-world testing and certification services to accomplish its core mission of advancing the energy industry. Group NIRE focuses on the use of field data to verify models and simulations through the use of its field test facility. As Group NIRE advances its knowledge of the multi-disciplinary issues facing the energy industry, Group NIRE applies lessons learned to commercialize energy products developed at the test facility.