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Cyber Security: Dark Cubed


Dark Cubed

If you walked the halls of the White House or Eisenhower Executive Office Building between 2006 and 2008, it’s possible that you came across Theresa Payton, the former White House chief information officer (CIO). Payton, a cybersecurity veteran who formerly worked protecting giant banks like Wachovia and Bank of America, was in charge of overhauling the White House’s digital security infrastructure from top-to-bottom during those years. For the job, Vince Crisler, Payton’s chief information security officer (CISO), led the force. Now, the pair have reunited to launch a cyber security startup by the name of Dark Cubed.

Dark Cubed’s infrastructure uses machine learning and data science to identify and understand the behavior of threat actors across disparate networks in near-real time. The company’s platform enables its users to get instant visibility, real time awareness, and discover threats faster.Currently, Dark Cubed is using the Group NIRE’s facility to test their current and upcoming solutions and services.

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