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Large Wind: GE Alstom


Alstom ECO-86 Wind Turbine Prototype

Group NIRE was selected in 2010 by Alstom to deploy their prototype at the beginning of 2011. After starting the testing and the certification process, Group NIRE was able to finish certifying the prototype within four short months to meet Alstom's certification deadline.

Alstom entered the North American market with Group NIRE through the deployment of the ECO-86 wind turbine prototype at Group NIRE's field site in Lubbock, Texas.

"The Alstom project is a great example of how Group NIRE uniquely brings commercial interests together with the best in academic research to advance renewable energy technologies for the greater good," said Russell Thomasson, Board Chairman of GLEAMM (formerly the National Institute of Renewable Energy), one of Group NIRE's shareholders.

This project has increased research dollars for Texas Tech University with Group NIRE's successful management.

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