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Cyber Security: Intel



Intel Security, a leading provider of comprehensive security solutions to local governments and energy sectors around the word, demonstrated a technology platform that could secure both legacy and new capabilities within the electric power grid at the Group NIRE field site with Texas Tech University.

Intel Security CIP works by separating the security management functions of the platform from the operational applications, allowing the operational layer to be robustly secured, monitored and managed. While sophisticated and extensive, the solution is also easy to use, cost-effective and can work for both new and legacy infrastructure. Intel Security CIP can be applied with little or no changes to business processes or application software, and can be retrofitted onto many existing systems.

For two years, Intel's technology protected synchrophasor network applications from Electric Power Group (EPG). The Security Connected Framework delivers connectivity, application and platform security with monitoring and management, and also conforms to NIST and ENISA recommendations, as well as NERC-CIP requirements for security event logging and auditing. Additionally, Intel's technology withstood penetration testing, as well as protected the synchrophasor applications during the Heartbleed vulnerability and Havex attacks.

Intel Security CIP provides a secure managed platform that includes fundamental protection building blocks such as device identity, malware protection, data protection and resiliency – all tailored to today's machine-to-machine environments. The technology also holds promise beyond the power grid and could be equally effective for departments of defense, the oil and gas industry and medical applications, among other uses.

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