Fireside Chat: Amir Husain & Roger Kay


Amir Husain

Founder & CEO


Amir Husain is a serial entrepreneur and inventor based in Austin, Texas. He serves as an advisor to IBM for its Watson cognitive computing platform and is the Founder & CEO of SparkCognition, Inc. an award-winning Machine Learning/AI driven Cognitive Analytics Company. SparkCognition was launched with backing from Michael Dell’s MSD Capital, L.P., TEF CA, and other leading investors. In June, 2014, SparkCognition won the global IBM InnovateApp 2014 competition for the most innovative ecosystem application of 2014.

Amir is a prolific inventor with 13 awarded and over 40 pending US patent applications to his credit. He has founded and/or led several technology startups, including Kurion, infraManage, ClearCube and VDIworks. In 2013, a low cost computing platform Amir invented was inducted into the collection of the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, the world’s largest such institution. His work has also been published in IEEE conferences and in leading tech journals including Network World, Computer World and others. His companies have won numerous awards, such as the InnovateApp 2014 competition, the VMWORLD Gold award, Network World’s Hottest Products, CRN’s Innovation award and PC World’s best product award. Amir currently serves as President & CEO of SparkCognition and as advisor and board member to ClearCube, VDIworks, AM Networks and others.

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Roger Kay

Forbes Contributor


Roger L. Kay is President of Endpoint Technologies Associates, Inc., an independent technology market analysis company.  Previously, he was Vice President of Client Computing at IDC, covering client PCs (desktop and mobile computers).  Before that, he ran his own research and analysis firm, directed operations for a developer of multilingual text processing software, ran a technology analysis and publishing practice for a consulting company, managed international accounts for a data communications equipment manufacturer, and did new product development for a computerized trading network.  He has published in a variety of forums and been quoted in a number of publications and other media outlets.  Mr. Kay received a B.F.A. from Bennington College and an MBA from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business.  He is multilingual, world-traveled, and has bicycled over the Alps.  He now lives in Massachusetts with his wife and two children.

“Cognitive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence”


TIME:  9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


Cyber weapons designed to initate physical attacks unlock the kinetic potential of the enemy’s own systems to cause destruction. In the case of Stuxnet, it was the energy of a spinning centrifuge that was harnessed to cause destruction and loss. When you consider the amount of energy that can be malevolently released if a similar attack were to target larger scale industrial systems, and when you add to this consideration the fact that almost all such industrial systems are digitally controlled and software driven, the implications are staggering.Securing Industrial Internet infrastructure should be a key a priority.

But how can this be achieved?