Speaker Presentation: Brian Hayes

EDP Renewables
Executive Vice President


Brian Hayes is Executive Vice President of EDP Renewables North America LLC. Brian leads the Asset Management, Performance Management, Operations and Quality Departments, overseeing the commercial obligations, activities and performance of EDPR NA’s operating wind farms.

Brian joined EDPR NA, then Horizon Wind Energy, in 2006, leading the Performance Analysis and Asset Management Teams, as the company’s operating fleet grew from 500 to over 3,000 megawatts (MW). Brian led many commercial resolutions with turbine suppliers for specific technical issues, the development of the sophisticated performance analysis tools and the implementation of many new processes to manage day-to-day operations, tax equity investors, offtaker obligations, settlements and budgeting/P&L management.

Prior to joining EDPR NA, Brian was a management consultant at Booz & Co. for six years, focusing on various projects in the energy industry. Brian worked on both strategic and process improvement projects such as merger integration, refining strategic portfolio review, fuel pricing strategy, headquarter reorganization and redesign of utilities procurement organization and processes. Brian holds a Bachelor of Science in industrial engineering and a Master of Business Administration from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

“Big Data, Big Returns”


TIME:  2:15 PM – 2:45 PM


The technological innovation and growth in the wind industry has been significant over the last decade with over a 20% CAGR in MW’s installed.  This rapid growth has brought significant challenges as new turbine models have been produced and supply chains have been tested.

Given the number of turbines that comprise a power plant and the impact of external factors, utilizing Big Data has been necessary to drive a high level of performance.  Big Data has been used across many areas of plant operations such as:  availability and fault performance, turbine efficiency assurance, condition monitoring, plant output forecasting, lightning monitoring, oil monitoring, etc.  Utilization of Big Data in these specific areas has helped drive turbine availability by up to 10%, and now is beginning to have a significant impact on operating costs through increased reliability.

Turning this data into useful information is the key to success, and is being done through multiple methods. These opportunities and methods will be covered in the presentation and are applicable to other industries, particularly the utility space.