Fireside Chat: Nathan Mancha & Peter Kelly-Detwiler


Nathan Mancha

EDF Energy Services
Director of Demand Response


Nathan Mancha is the Director of Demand Response for EDF Energy Services, where he manages all of the demand response assets in the EDF portfolio.  In this role, he works primarily with commercial and industrial load clients as well as cities and cooperatives to help optimize energy positions and advises them on the electricity market, demand response, and compliance rulings.  He has over 9 years of power experience with the grid operators in NYISO, ISO-NE, PJM, and ERCOT.  Before joining the energy industry, he worked at Merrill Lynch in the Wealth Management Department.  Nathan has a BS in marketing and management from Trinity University.



Peter Kelly-Detwiler

Forbes Contributor


Peter Kelly-Detwiler has 25 years of experience in the electric energy industry, with 15 years as an executive in competitive retail markets.

Prior to founding NorthBridge, as Sr. Vice President of Constellation Energy’s Demand Response group, he oversaw this unit’s growth to become an $80 mn business, capable of dispatching 1700 MW of customer load. Under his leadership, the team developed Virtuwatt, an industry-leading platform that served to integrate consumer’s load into electric power markets and automate the demand response function.

Before that, Peter established and ran the Operations department for the New England office of Constellation New Energy, the nation’s largest retail power provider, ultimately processing nearly $1 bn in annual revenue.

Mr. Kelly-Detwiler lectures frequently on energy markets and innovation, runs workshops, and moderates panels at numerous conferences. He is also a frequent contributor on energy-related issues to, Natural Gas & Electricity, and other publications.

“Asset Management Opportunities in the Evolving Energy Market”


TIME:  8:15 AM – 8:45 AM


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