Speaker Presentation: Bill Muston

Oncor Electric Delivery
R&D Manager


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“The Impacts of Distributed Generation and Microgrids”


TIME:  3:00 PM – 3:30 PM


Oncor has implemented a multi-functional microgrid at its industrial-style operational campus in Lancaster, Texas. The overall goal of the project is to better assess how Distributed Energy Storage, coupled with Distributed Energy Resources (DER) can make the power grid better in Texas, while also improving reliability and flexibility at this key operational site.

This microgrid became operational in 2015. Oncor contracted S&C Electric and Schneider Electric to build the microgrid that integrates existing site-wide loads, utility distribution systems, and emergency generation with modern microgrid components and controls.

The team commissioned two solar arrays, a battery energy storage system, a microturbine and electric vehicle charging as part of the microgrid. Conventional emergency generation and loads are also part of the microgrid, as is a new building management system.

Additionally, the microgrid project includes an “immersion room” and “control room & visualization center” for sharing with community and industry stakeholders and public officials. Together, the team made videos and tailored presentations to make the complex subjects more accessible to visitors.

Many use cases will be demonstrated at this site. Currently, intentional islanding, reactive islanding, optimization for renewable resources, load following and peak shaving are configured, building on distribution automation and site-based microgrid control. Economic optimization for the site utilizing the microgrid also will be demonstrated.

The microgrid can be configured as four separate microgrids, or different combinations of the “zones” in a dynamic way to meet the needs of the campus. Upon loss of grid power, whether short-run or long-term outage, this flexibility will allows many of the ongoing operations at the site to continue. Occupancy, business process, weather and grid prices can all drive different configurations in on-going tests and re-configurations, for both normal grid-connected operations, as well as islanded operations.