Fireside Chat:  Damian Beauchamp & Peter Kelly Detwiler



KAir Energy Systems
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer


Before becoming CEO and Co-Founder of KAir Battery, Damian Beauchamp graduated from Kent State University (KSU) magna cum laude with a BS in chemistry. While at KSU Damian was an NSF STEM fellow, received the National Smart Grant, Choose Ohio First Scholarship, and the Chemistry Undergraduate Excellence Award. He then joined the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at The Ohio State University in 2012 under the direction of Dr. Yiying Wu as a PhD student (now in his 3rd year). His focus and passion are based on the discovery, development, and commercialization of sustainable/renewable energy production and storages solutions. In 2013 Damian received honorable mention from the NSF Graduate Fellowship committee and co-founded Kair Battery LLC in 2013. Kair was developed to provide highly energy efficient and dense, cost-effective, and non-toxic energy storage systems to the electric vehicle and grid storage markets. Damian led Kair to success taking 1st at both the Ohio State University ($15,000) and Ivey ($20,000) Business Plan Competitions, winning the DOE Clean Energy Prize ($100,000) and taking second in both the elevator pitch competition and the semi-finals at the Rice Business Plan Competition, and competed in Washington D.C. at the DOE Clean Energy Business Plan Competition. Recently, Damian was lead writer of a funded 2014 Ohio Third Frontier Technology Validation Start-up Fund (TVSF) grant ($100,000). Most recently, Damian was awarded the Student Entrepreneur of the Year Award from VentureNEXT, was featured in Forbes Magazine’s 2015 30 Under 30 edition, and delivered a TED talk at TEDxOhioState.lifornia State University.


Forbes Contributor


Peter Kelly-Detwiler has 25 years of experience in the electric energy industry, with 15 years as an executive in competitive retail markets.

Prior to founding NorthBridge, as Sr. Vice President of Constellation Energy’s Demand Response group, he oversaw this unit’s growth to become an $80 mn business, capable of dispatching 1700 MW of customer load. Under his leadership, the team developed Virtuwatt, an industry-leading platform that served to integrate consumer’s load into electric power markets and automate the demand response function.

Before that, Peter established and ran the Operations department for the New England office of Constellation New Energy, the nation’s largest retail power provider, ultimately processing nearly $1 bn in annual revenue.

Mr. Kelly-Detwiler lectures frequently on energy markets and innovation, runs workshops, and moderates panels at numerous conferences. He is also a frequent contributor on energy-related issues to, Natural Gas & Electricity, and other publications.

“Potassium Air Battery – Towards Cost-Effective Stationary Energy Storage”


TIME:  1:30 PM – 2:00 PM


Currently, society places a  high demand on Li-ion batteries for mobile devices, power tools, electric vehicles, and stationary storage. Presumably, because it is the best we have had to date. Lithium is a limited resource and the materials used for its battery’s electrodes are also limited and heavy. Potassium on the other hand in 1000 x’s more abundant and widely distributed. Oxygen is also plentiful and ‘free’. When these materials are brought together in the form of the potassium air battery round trip efficiencies of 98% are obtained. The battery bolsters 3 times the specific capacity. The real breakthrough is the unprecedented potential price performance of ~$100/kWh battery, compared to Tesla’s Power Wall at ~$350/kWh battery. I will detail the discovery, working principle, and current stage of the K-air battery. The future of energy storage is here, the only question is… Do you KAir?