Breakfast & Networking Sponsor: Reese Technology Center

“Breakfast & Networking Provided by Reese Technology Center”


TIME:  7:30 AM – 8:30 AM


The Reese Technology Center has positioned its facility to utilize the reality of its assets, its customers, the synergy of related parties and interests and our climate to become a leader in research for agriculture, wind research, energy development and management and private sector business development. There is literally no other facility like it, particularly within the southwestern United States. A secure private airfield, a data center with OC 192 capability, standalone facilities of all sizes for lease, readily available office space for immediate occupancy and a unique customer base make the Reese facility a premier site from which to grow a smaller business or sustain and evolve a large, mature business.  From international industry leaders such as Vestas and Alstom, to nationally recognized leaders such as Zachry, Wyle Aerospace and Oxy USA to The National Institute for Renewable Energy and the National Wind Institute of Texas Tech University to small, entrepreneurial firms – all have recognized the value of being a customer of the Reese Technology Center.