Fireside Chat:  Bob Leigh & Peter Kelly-Detwiler


Bob Leigh



Bob Leigh is CEO and founder of LocalGrid Technologies, developing transformative software solutions with intelligent infrastructure. LocalGrid Fog Computing Platform is a data-centric, secure, embedded software architecture for the Industrial Internet of Things, putting Intelligence at the edge and simplifying Fog Computing. Bob has been working with embedded control and data systems for 15 years, starting in manufacturing and working across many industrial sectors, including utilities and oil & gas. LocalGrid is the third startup Bob has worked with, and the second he has founded, all of which have focused on embedded software solutions that generate value through access to real-time and insightful data. Through LocalGrid, Bob is using his experience to build new industry focused solutions that will accelerate the adoption of Fog Computing and help drive efficiency of capital though better access to data and transforming data into action.


Peter Kelly-Detwiler

Forbes Contributor


Peter Kelly-Detwiler has 25 years of experience in the electric energy industry, with 15 years as an executive in competitive retail markets.

Prior to founding NorthBridge, as Sr. Vice President of Constellation Energy’s Demand Response group, he oversaw this unit’s growth to become an $80 mn business, capable of dispatching 1700 MW of customer load. Under his leadership, the team developed Virtuwatt, an industry-leading platform that served to integrate consumer’s load into electric power markets and automate the demand response function.

Before that, Peter established and ran the Operations department for the New England office of Constellation New Energy, the nation’s largest retail power provider, ultimately processing nearly $1 bn in annual revenue.

Mr. Kelly-Detwiler lectures frequently on energy markets and innovation, runs workshops, and moderates panels at numerous conferences. He is also a frequent contributor on energy-related issues to, Natural Gas & Electricity, and other publications.

“Why the Edge”


TIME:  3:00 PM – 3:30 PM


A smarter power grid that responds in real-time is essential to provide reliable electricity. Current power systems are largely in-flexible and are not designed to support rapid fluctuations, autonomous control or the deployment of new applications to meet society’s evolving requirements.

To overcome these challenges, utilities need to effectively optimize traditional energy sources while simultaneously supporting new technologies that are being deployed to the grid. These technologies support intelligent solutions and create smart edge devices infield that are predictive, flexible and reliable. This presentation will discuss the new emerging models of operating, such as the REV (Reforming the Energy Vision) initiative in New York State and the impact of smart loads and distributed renewable energy, for distribution companies and how intelligence at the edge of the grid plays a vital part.

LocalGrid believes the utility of the future as a distributed system platform with many devices, many prosumers (generators and consumers of electricity), and a level of technology unimagined 10 years ago all working together to more effectively deliver reliable power. Moving intelligence out to the edge of the grid empowers utilities to make better business decisions, pursue disruptive business models and provide more reliable power to their customers.

Topic Areas:

  • Grid Transformation
  • New Utility Business and Operations Models
  • Renewables