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Who We Are

Group NIRE was formed in 2010 by Texas Tech University to provide industry, government and academia with a field demonstration site to solve the challenges of integrating renewable energy sources and emerging energy-efficiency technologies with the electric grid—while ensuring that the grid is resilient and secure in the face of growing cybersecurity and extreme weather concerns.

Stretching over 2,000 acres, our field site provides optimal real-world conditions with consistent wind speeds throughout the year. This gives manufacturers a larger window of time to test a wind turbine or other distributed energy resources to their limits.

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What Sets Us Apart


We are passionate about helping our customers create transformative science and technology solutions to modernize the power grid. Our research facility is designed to allow manufacturers the ability to test and demonstrate their prototype technology in a real world environment.


We believe simulating realistic scenarios in a controlled environment is good, but interconnecting that same technology on the electric grid is better. Our facility allows manufacturers to go beyond the lab and see how their solutions actually perform in the field.


Our niche in the market is providing a plug and play facility for our customers. We are not an independent accredited certification company. Instead, companies like DNV-GL, UL and others provide that service for our customers at our facility.


Our success is largely due to long-term agreements with local utilities. The support from the utilities in West Texas allow for research projects to move quickly and safely.

Our Process

We will provide support during the development and construction phase of the project and will be the direct contact with the utilities, landowners and agencies to ensure that successful interconnection and coordination takes place at the pad site.

Our Team

Joshua MacFieJoshua MacFie

Joshua MacFie

Chief Executive Officer


Julie Balderas

Manager of Business Administration

Grayson EzzellGrayson Ezzell

Grayson Ezzell, JD

General Counsel

Timothy SliwinskiTimothy Sliwinski

Timothy Sliwinski, PH.D

Project Manager for Meteorology and Data Science

Sanka LiyanageSanka Liyanage

Sanka Liyanage, PH.D

Control Engineer

Kolton FosterKolton Foster

Kolton Foster

Director of Operations & Energy Development

Greg SalasGreg Salas

Greg Salas

Field Site Technician

Cyndi duPontCyndi duPont

Cyndi duPont

Associate of Business Administration

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