Board of Directors

Loyd Rinehard, Group Nire Board of Directors

Loyd Rinehart

Board Chairman


Loyd Rinehart serves as the Chief Financial Officer for Smartfield, Inc., a developing agricultural technology entity with primary emphasis on plant canopy temperature where he also functioned as COO through May 2013. Prior to employment with the company, Loyd also serves on the board of directors for Smartfield Inc.

Prior to joining Smartfield, Rinehart served as the Chief Financial Officer for Flat Wireless, performed consulting services to various banking and wireless organizations, and held the Senior Vice President of Corporate Finance position for Alamosa Holdings, Inc.

Rinehart earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting from Texas Tech University and is also a Certified Public Accountant in Texas.

He has served on the board of directors for several organizations, including his current board positions at American Bank of Commerce, Smartfield, Inc., Group NIRE, and Deacon of GreenLawn Church of Christ.

Becky Klein, Group Nire Board of Directors

Rebecca Klein



Rebecca Klein is Principal of Klein Energy, LLC, an energy consulting company based in Austin, Texas.  Her clients include international and domestic companies focused on penetrating, or expanding in, the North American power sector whose needs concern regulatory, commercial, financial and/or government affairs expertise.  Over the last twenty years she has worked in Washington, DC and in Texas in the energy, water and national security arenas.

Prior to starting her own company in 2006, Ms. Klein was the Chairman of the Public Utility Commission of Texas during which time she oversaw the restructuring of the State’s $36 billion electric power industry.  She worked extensively with other State PUC commissioners and Federal regulators on issues related to power, water and critical infrastructure protection.  From 2007 to 2013, Ms. Klein was Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Lower Colorado River Authority, the largest river authority in Texas.  During her tenure she helped shepherd advances in the way LCRA implements water management, water permitting and water rate methods.  While at the LCRA, she interacted extensively with Federal and State authorities to enhance funding levels and to seek regulatory efficiency. Following the World Trade Center bombings in 2001, Ms. Klein was appointed to the Texas Homeland Defense Task Force which was tasked to identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities for the State across power, water and telecommunications assets.

Ms. Klein has worked previously in Washington, DC. She first arrived to the Nation’s Capital in 1988 as one of twelve people selected nationally to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Fellowship Program during which time she worked for the Secretary of the Air Force’s Legislative Affairs Office.  From 1989-1992, she worked in the White House in the Office of Presidential Personnel where she assisted in recruiting and recommending sub-cabinet level presidential appointees in the national security arena of government.  She served as Associate Director at the U.S. Trade Development Agency, from 1992-1993, overseeing the agency’s accounts in multi-national development banks.  From 1996-1997, Ms. Klein worked at the American Enterprise Institute undertaking legal research in current telecommunications issues.  She was then hired as a Senior Fellow at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.  Ms. Klein also worked for Bearing Point Consulting, spearheading the start-up of their Government Affairs & Industry Relations Office.

Presently, Ms. Klein sits on the Board of Directors of Avista Corporation, a publicly-traded utility headquartered in Spokane, WA. Other Boards on which she currently sits include the for-profit company, National Institute for Renewable Energy, and the non-profit, Texas Energy Poverty Research Institute.  She has previously served as a Diversity Advisory Committee Member for the Federal Communications Commission.

Ms. Klein is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserve.  She is a veteran of Desert Storm where she served in Saudi Arabia.  She received her academic training at Stanford University (B.A., Biology); Georgetown University (M.A., National Security Studies); and St. Mary’s Law School (J.D.).  She is fluent in Spanish having grown up partly in Venezuela and Mexico.  She is a native of San Antonio, TX.

Drew Bond, Group Nire Board of Directors

Drew Bond



Mr. Bond is an entrepreneur with a particular expertise in energy and technology startups.  He is currently serving as the startup CEO for in2lytics, a data analytics and visualization software company focused on making the electric grid smarter and more efficient.  Prior to in2lytics, he led the successful spinout and startup of two technology companies.  In 2015, he led the spinout of Versa, a distributed renewable energy and chemicals company from Battelle, the world’s largest independent R&D organization.  In 2005, he led the successful spinout of an internet media company from a large Washington, DC based nonprofit.  He has served in senior positions at the U.S. Department of Energy, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, and on Capitol Hill.  For a decade, Mr. Bond has worked closely with the National Laboratories and continues to serve on the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Industry Advisory Board.  A native Texan from Oklahoma, he is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a BA in History.  He and his wife live in the Washington, DC area with their four children where they are active in their church and community, with a particular focus on helping to care for abused and neglected children.

Jimmy Glotfelty, Group Nire Board of Directors

Jimmy Glotfelty



Jimmy Glotfelty is a Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of External Affairs at Clean Line Energy. Jimmy participates in all aspects of developing Clean Line’s project portfolio and oversees regulatory and public affairs issues at the national and state levels. In addition, he manages a team responsible for corporate communications, community outreach and regulatory affairs.

Jimmy brings a wealth of transmission knowledge to Clean Line, with more than twenty years of experience in both the public and private sectors. He is a well-known expert in electric transmission and distribution, generation, energy policy, and energy security. He most recently held the position of Vice President, Energy Markets, for ICF International and developed their NERC Compliance practice. In addition Jimmy founded the Department of Energy’s Transmission Office under the George W. Bush administration and served as its first Director. While at the Department of Energy, Jimmy led the investigation of the 2003 Northeast blackout and managed teams that focused on researching T&D technologies, gaining Presidential permits for cross-border transmission lines, studying the impacts of Regional Transmission Organizations (RTO), identifying major transmission bottlenecks, and securing the critical energy infrastructure for the United States.

Jimmy holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Marketing from Texas Christian University. He is a member of WIRES and serves on the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) Board of Directors and is Co-Chairman of AWEA’s transmission subcommittee.

Management Team


Mark Harral, JD

Chief Executive Officer


Mark Harral’s introduction to renewable energy was negotiating a wind lease with BP to deploy thirty-four 2.5MW wind turbines in Pecos County, Texas. Subsequently, Texas Tech University employed Mr. Harral to develop an organizational structure for a testing and certification site at a former Air Force base – the Reese Technology Center in Lubbock, Texas.

The organizational structure was implemented by Texas Tech to create The National Institute for Renewable Energy with a for-profit wholly owned subsidiary known as Group NIRE. This structure enabled Alstom Power Inc. to deploy a 1.67MW Eco 86 wind turbine at the Reese Technology Center. The testing and certification site has continued to expand to include a 1MW/hr Utility-Scale Battery, Gamesa’s G114 2MW Prototype, as well as the DOE-SNL Scaled Wind Farm Technology Facility initiative. Mr. Harral oversaw project development, construction and management activities for the majority of the site. Mr. Harral has developed a commercial 80MW wind farm and negotiated the sale of the asset to a leading owner/operator of wind farms in the United States.

Since May 2013, Mr. Harral has served as the CEO of Group NIRE. He also serves as an expert witness in wind energy litigation cases. To date, Mr. Harral has testified in arbitration cases concerning warranty disputes between manufacturers and owners with over $90M in disputes. Mr. Harral graduated from Texas Tech School of Law with a Doctorate of Jurisprudence after receiving a B.B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin.


Destiny Rosales

Director of Project Development


Destiny Rosales’ introduction to renewable energy began during her undergraduate work at Texas Tech University’s National Wind Institute where she was in the first class to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Wind Energy. Ms. Rosales worked with Mark Harral on the deployment and construction of the 1 MW/ hr Utility-Scale Battery located at Reese Technology Center. Ms. Rosales began to manage portions of the project development and construction activities during the Gamesa prototype deployment during 2013-2014.

Since May 2014, Ms. Rosales serves as the Director of Project Development at Group NIRE. She oversees all operations and maintenance, fiber optic telecommunications and coordinates construction related activities at the Group NIRE testing and certification site. She also is responsible for construction expenses, development fees and calculations of quotes for construction and development of next generation energy assets seeking certification at the Group NIRE testing and certification site.

Ms. Rosales is now managing the development and construction activities of General Electric’s next two wind turbine prototypes (GE 2.0 MW and GE 2.3 MW wind turbines). She is also currently completing her Master’s degree from Texas Tech University Graduate School.


Colleen Ferrall, JD

General Counsel


Colleen Ferrall joined Group NIRE in 2013 and serves as in house-counsel for Group NIRE. As in-house counsel, Ms. Ferrall oversees all of the Company’s contracts (during both negotiation and execution phases), provides legal advice/recommendations for all Group NIRE projects, and aids in the interconnection of Group NIRE’s generation assets within the Southwestern Power Pool (SPP). Ms. Ferrall is also responsible for the management and compliance of Group NIRE’s federal grant awards and state grant awards.

Prior to her position as in-house counsel, Ms. Ferrall initially began work at Group NIRE as a Project Developer. As a Project Developer she successfully negotiated and acquired land leases for the 80 MW Red Raider Wind Project in Hockley County, Texas. Ms. Ferrall also assisted in the negotiation of the final purchase and sale agreement of the 80 MW project to a leading owner/operator of wind farms in the United States.

Ms. Ferrall earned B.S. in Biological Sciences from Louisiana State University where she was named on the Dean’s List.  In 2014, Ms. Ferrall earned a J.D. with a Business Law concentration from Texas Tech School of Law. While at Texas Tech she was an Articles Editor for the Texas Tech Administrative Law Journal and a member of the Energy Law Interest Group. After law school she was admitted to the Texas State Bar. Ms. Ferrall is a member of the Lubbock Area Bar Association, Lubbock County Young Lawyers Association, Women of Wind Energy. She is also a member of the Junior League of Lubbock where she participates in volunteer activities that aid the Lubbock community.


Michael Wilson

Director of Business Development


Michael Wilson joined Group NIRE in 2014 and serves as the Director of Business Development. As Director, Mr. Wilson works with the management team to develop and implement a strategic business plan to identify and attract new business opportunities.

Prior to his position as Director, Mr. Wilson initially began work at Group NIRE as an Associate Project Developer. As an Associate Project Developer, he worked on a LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) project with Sandia National Laboratories to allow researchers to examine turbine-to-turbine interaction and innovative rotor technologies at the Department of Energy/SNL SWiFT Facility.

Mr. Wilson earned both a B.A. in Economics and Political Science from Texas Tech University. While at Texas Tech University, Mr. Wilson worked with the Department Chair of Electrical & Computer Engineering on the Collaborative Industry-Academic Synchrophasor Engineering Program. This U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) awarded project focused on the creation of a Synchrophasor based curriculum at Texas Tech University. Additionally, Mr. Wilson planned conferences and workshops for thought leaders to discuss with students how to modernize the outdated electric grid infrastructure.

Mr. Wilson is a member of the Young Professionals of Lubbock organization and serves as Content Chair for the Texas Renewable Energy Alliance annual conference committee.

Support Staff


Julie Balderas

Manager of Business Administration

Kolton Foster

Director of Operations & Maintenance


Kolton Foster joined Group NIRE in 2016 and serves as the Field Site Manager for Group NIRE’s field site at Reese Technology Center. As the field site manager Mr. Foster is responsible for field site operations within assigned contractual scope of responsibilities to customers. Mr. Foster plays an active role in the daily operations and execution of service and research contracts as it pertains to fulfilling Group NIRE’s contractual obligations. He also implements and oversees the operation safety policy standards, and conducts field work in compliance with OSHA applicable regulation and encourages good employee safety practices.

Previous to his positon as the field site manager for Group NIRE, Mr. Foster worked for General Electric Renewable Services. Mr. Foster held the position as the Environmental, Health, and Safety Coordinator in South Texas for Cedro Hills and Whitetail wind farms, in conjunction with operating as a wind tech for the Briscoe Wind Farm near Silverton, TX. While holding the positon of EHS coordinator Mr. Foster and his team hit the milestone of having 1000 days without injuries on both Cedro Hills and Whitetail wind farms.

Mr. Foster earned his Bachelor of Science in Wind Energy in the fall of 2013 through Texas Tech University. Mr. Foster also holds an associate’s degree in Industrial Manufacturing/Emerging Technologies with a specialization in machinist trades that he received from South Plains College in the fall of 2011.