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Group NIRE & Our Partners

Industry & Universities Working Together

We are passionate about working with government, industry and academia on addressing the challenges of integrating renewable energy sources and emerging energy-efficiency technologies with the electric grid.


Global Laboratory for Energy Asset Management and Manufacturing (GLEAMM)

The GLEAMM project, which is funded by the state of Texas, combines the research and commercialization expertise of Texas Tech University (TTU) with the field testing, certification and development capability of Group NIRE. The $13 million project provides funds for TTU researchers and students to leverage Group NIRE’s facilities to develop, test and commercialize technologies geared towards modernizing the power grid.

Critical Infrastructure Resilience Institute

The United States Department of Homeland Security funded a team comprised of Group NIRE and Texas Tech University to create a workforce development program for the Critical Infrastructure Resilience Institute (CIRI).

Three Initial Modules Focused On

  1. System failure associated with extreme weather events and associated failure/post-event analysis and preemptive design for resilience
  2. System failure associated with mechanical failures and associated failure/post event analysis and preemptive design for resilience
  3. Cyber security attacks and loss of communication and how to restore communications utilizing radio networks/troubleshooting the issue

Energy Resource Management Conference

In 2015, Group NIRE and Texas Tech hosted the Energy Resource Management Conference which featured industry leaders to discuss grid security, energy storage and renewable energy. Speakers included decision makers from the Department of Homeland Security, General Electric, Intel and more. Forbes contributors Peter Kelly-Detwiler and Roger Kay served as the official moderators for the event.