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Blockchain and Renewables have been developing a love hate relationship over the past few years. On one hand, blockchain technologies are known for their massive consumption of energy for, what seems to some, nothing but an imaginary ledger. This massive consumption goes against everything renewables stand for. On the other hand, blockchain can be valuable to renewables and the renewables market. Read more

Generators used in wind-turbine systems fall into four architecture types: dc, ac, ac synchronous, and switched reluctance. What are the unique power-density aspects of these versions, including the most widely used among them—the doubly-fed induction generator?

Fundamental physical limits exist as to how much energy can be extracted from renewable resources for a given area of land. Read more

When it comes to cybersecurity in your business, where do you start? There are many models, standards, and frameworks out there. Choosing the correct path can be daunting. For instance, there is sector specific cybersecurity guidance for industries such as Energy. In Energy the voluntary C2M2 tool can be used. However, if a company deals with more than one industry like Energy and DoD another compulsory tool is available such as the CMMC. Read more

Silicones have an attractive balance of properties, support high-volume manufacturing, and enable high-speed connections. They offer solutions to challenges with adhesion, encapsulation, coating, and EMI shielding.

Jul 22nd, 2021

Samuel Liu, Chen ChenDorab BhagwagarJason Wei

The 5G ecosystem includes consumer devices, telecommunications equipment, cloud computing, and data centers. Read more


Energy storage is gaining popularity as a solution to grid issues created, in part, by renewables in today’s world. This, combined with many of the techniques and technologies that Group NIRE has created and deployed, makes for a solid solution to many of the grid issues we see, and will likely see in the future. Read more

A word from our CEO:

Over the past few years cybersecurity has been taking front stage more and more often in all of our affairs. Lately new viruses and ransomware releases have plagued the world wide web resulting in some very serious infractions. The most recent attacks have brought more light to the role cybersecurity should play in our energy infrastructure. Read more

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What an honor for Group NIRE to be featured in ElectronicDesign’s Webinar this week.  The webinar covered many of the problems that companies are facing with Wide Bandgap testing.  Mark Harral, CEO of Group NIRE, and Joshua MacFie, Group NIRE’s Principal Electronics Engineer spoke to the problems that our clients are facing in their WBG testing and how to solve them. Read more

Thanks to their fast switching and reduced losses, SiC wide-bandgap devices help designers achieve efficient, integrated motor drives, enabling them to reduce size and get closer to the motor to lower costs and improve reliability.

by Ali Husain – April 20, 2021

The most important development in power electronics in recent years is the rise of so-called wide-bandgap (WBG) materials, namely silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN). Read more

What’s the difference between power and energy density, and why is the former so vital to power-supply design?
Steve Taranovich

APR 09, 2021  Related To: Electronic Design

To design robust power supplies, designers need to understand some basics and pitfalls.

Is power density the same as energy density?

Power density and energy density are quite different. Read more