Why This Conference?

Group NIRE was formed by Texas Tech University and privatized in order to provide real-world testing and development for alternative energy solutions, notably wind and solar. While Group NIRE’s primary core competency is around certification using operational data, its affiliation with TTU and the local grid operator provides for unique access to the latest research projects and assets beyond just what is installed in the field. Group NIRE’s primary goals are to test prototypes of new technology to advance the energy industry and link power with complementary technologies and applications such as energy transmission, storage, solar, biofuel, and water reclamation.

The Energy Resource Management Conference featured thought leaders in the industry to discuss grid security, energy storage, and renewables. Speakers included decision makers from the Department of Homeland Security, ERCOT, Southwest Power Pool, and more. Forbes contributors Peter Kelly-Detwiler and Roger Kay served as the official moderators for the event.