LUBBOCK, TX (November 9, 2017) – Group NIRE, hosted various industry partners, Texas Tech researchers and board members for a ribbon cutting event of the met tower commissioned at their field site located north of the Reese Technology Center. The event took place Thursday Nov. 9, 2017 at 5 PM. This new met tower and LiDAR testing capabilities opens up business and research opportunities in the U.S. starting in Lubbock, Texas.

Mark Harral, Group NIRE CEO said, “This new met tower is an answer to a set back within the industry. Currently LiDAR devices (a device used to help with wind farm efficiency) must be sent overseas to be tested and calibrated which can be a six to eight-week process before being shipped back. With this new testing being done at Group NIRE, it allows operators to ship within the U.S. while saving costs and time. Also, what makes Group NIRE’s testing site unique is that it is non-exclusive, giving customers the option to use any third-party certification group to test and certify either through DNV GL, UL, or Intertek companies with their LiDARs.”

Group NIRE is excited to offer this service and capability to customers that is not offered anywhere in the U.S by an independent third-party test facility.