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Lubbock, TX (November 2019)

Group NIRE in partnership with Michigan Technological University and Sandia National Laboratories has been awarded the DOE – SETO Small Innovative Projects in Solar (SIPS).


Michigan Technological University’s proposal titled “The Energizer Bunny: Dual-Use Photovoltaic and Pasture-Raised Rabbit Farms” has been granted funds by the Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO). Read more

LUBBOCK, TX (October 2019)

Group NIRE hosted over twenty industry leaders at their testing facility to highlight their current capabilities and encourage future collaboration. Key partners were also in attendance including individuals from Texas Tech University, South Plains College and General Electric.


The event took place on Tuesday, October 29, 2019, from 11 AM to 2 PM at their field office within the Reese Technology Center. Read more

LUBBOCK, TX (May 2019)  Together with Texas Tech University and PowerAmerica, Group  NIRE has begun the research and development of a Wide Band Gap (WBG) dV/dt testbed. This testbed will increase the availability of dV/dt testing and will improve future testbeds for commercial use at the Group NIRE testing facility. This effort has been focused on pushing the limits of dV/dt testing in order to test these WBG devices at the extremes that they are capable of. Read more

Dallas-Fort Worth news station, WFAA begins using the Herold application to assist their weather team.

Herold colored logoLubbock, TX (October 2018) WFAA is a Dallas—Fort Worth based news station that covers local news and produces weather forecasts for the area. Recently they have purchased a customized subscription package with Herold to assist their weather team. Read more

Group NIRE in Partnership With Texas Tech Begins Testing for Wide Band Devices

Lubbock, TX, November 2018 — Group NIRE in partnership with Texas Tech University aims to improve the confidence in long-term reliability performance of Wide Band Gap (WBG) devices. Group NIRE’s strategy in making this improvement is through characterization, testing, and failure analysis. Read more

Group NIRE in Partnership with Texas Tech Researchers Gain Customer for Herold App

Herold Logo colorLubbock, TX, January 2018 — Crop Insurance Solutions begins using Herold weather forecasting application to better serve their farmers.

Larry Turner, Crop Insurance Solutions, said he’s most looking forward, “To be able to help my clients and farmers predict wind, hail and rain where they can better manage their crops and make better risk management decisions.” Read more

Energy Storage System Battery Commissioned
Group NIRE Commissions ESS Battery through ARPA-E Project Titled CHARGES

Lubbock, TX, November 15, 2017— Group NIRE installed Energy Storage System (ESS) battery at their field site located on Reese Technology Center on November 15. The ESS battery commissioning is in part of the Cycling Hardware to Analyze and Ready Grid-Scale Electricity Storage project that is funded by the Department of Energy. Read more


LUBBOCK, TX (November 9, 2017) – Group NIRE, hosted various industry partners, Texas Tech researchers and board members for a ribbon cutting event of the met tower commissioned at their field site located north of the Reese Technology Center. The event took place Thursday Nov. Read more