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Kolton Foster

Kolton Foster
Kolton Foster
Director of Operations & Energy Development

Kolton Foster joined Group NIRE in 2016 and serves as the Director of Operations & Energy Development for Group NIRE's field site at Reese Technology Center. As the field site manager, Mr. Foster is responsible for field site operations within assigned contractual scope of responsibilities to customers.

Mr. Foster plays an active role in the daily operations and execution of service and research contracts as it pertains to fulfilling Group NIRE's contractual obligations. He also implements and oversees the operation safety policy standards, and conducts field work in compliance with OSHA applicable regulation and encourages good employee safety practices.

Previous to his position as the field site manager for Group NIRE, Mr. Foster worked for General Electric Renewable Services. Mr. Foster held the position as the Environmental, Health and Safety Coordinator in South Texas for Cedro Hills and Whitetail wind farms, in conjunction with operating as a wind tech for the Briscoe Wind Farm near Silverton, TX.

While holding the position of EHS coordinator Mr. Foster and his team hit the milestone of having one thousand days without injuries on both Cedro Hills and Whitetail wind farms. Mr. Foster earned his Bachelor of Science in Wind Energy in the fall of 2013 from Texas Tech University.

Mr. Foster also holds an associate's degree in Industrial Manufacturing/Emerging Technologies with a specialization in machinist trades that he received from South Plains College in the fall of 2011.

Director of Operations and Energy Development
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