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The electric grid consists of numerous assets that are geographically dispersed and connected by systems and networks. Therefore, interdependency within the energy sector is critical. We believe there is a need to build a more resilient electric grid and mitigate cyber and physical threats to critical infrastructure. Our research facility, located on a former air force base, is built for you to develop and deploy innovative energy resilience technologies and business models.

Critical Infrastructure Protection






It is no longer a question of if your critical infrastructure will be compromised. Instead, the priority needs to be recovery time after a natural disaster or manmade attack.

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We recently partnered with Dark Cubed to test out its new system with a goal of testing and certification to provide a fully commercialized, easily deployable cyber security platform. Read more...
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Partnered with Texas Tech University and McAfee, we were able to deploy and test a new cyber security product with a goal to provide security for applications and a new commercial solution. Read more...

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