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Stretching over 2,000 acres, our field site is built for industry, government and academia to demonstrate how technologies such as solar modules, wind turbines, inverters, electric vehicles, and smart appliances interact with each other and the grid. We believe simulating realistic scenarios in a controlled environment is good, but interconnecting that same technology on the electric grid is better. Our facility allows manufacturers to go beyond the lab and see how their solutions actually perform in the field.


"In simulated testing, you anticipate real-world results will follow. At Group NIRE, our test site is the real world."

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Our research facility at the Reese Technology Center is built to support testing of new technologies on the grid in order to make them operate as one, providing new aggregated resource techniques to utilities and grid operators. The facility integrates solar power, energy storage, inverters, forecasting tools, market signals, and advanced energy management systems. Our microgrid can disconnect from the utility during large events (i.e., faults, voltage collapses), but has the capability to disconnect intentionally when the quality of power from the grid falls below certain standards.

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Field Testing Facility

Since 2010, we have upgraded multiple distribution networks at the Reese Technology Center to create our Field Testing Site. Powered by three separate distribution systems, we can efficiently reroute power to serve consumer loads. The minimum load between all substations is 13.5MW with a peak load of 30MW. Adding energy assets is relatively easy to do since the location in Texas is on the distribution system, which would not require extensive transmission system approvals.

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