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Our facility is established in one of the best wind markets in the nation and offers real world, multi-MW, dynamic renewables integration and a fully operational testing facility with the option to connect or disconnect with the distribution grid. Our demonstration environment will provide an ideal environment for testing and validating electric grid assets.

"In simulation reality follows simulation. In reality it doesn't."

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The DART Facility

The Distributed Asset Research Testing (DART) Facility is connected to the electric distribution system at 12.47kV with a 208 V transformer to power the building. The facility can operate in parallel to the grid or can operate in island, providing high levels of electrical reliability. The system can disconnect from the utility during large events (i.e., faults, voltage collapses), but has the capability to disconnect intentionally when the quality of power from the grid falls below certain standards.

The Three Rivers Facility

Since 2010, we have upgraded three distribution networks at the Reese Technology Center to create the Three Rivers Facility. With relatively small changes, the Three Rivers Facility can be powered from three separate distribution system allowing the quick efficient rerouting of power to serve consumer load. The minimum load between all substations is 13.5MW with a peak load of 30MW. Adding energy assets is relatively easy to do since the location is in Texas on the distribution system, which would not require extensive transmission system approvals.

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