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Wind Turbine Prototypes


Outdoor Wind Test Facility

Our facility provides the best wind conditions for installing land-based wind turbine prototypes for extended periods of time due to our ability to conduct research, perform measurement testing, and certification. Our site provides a larger window to test a wind turbine to its limits, so as a result Group NIRE’s turnaround time is unparalleled-allowing prototypes to get to the market faster with higher confidence of quality performance. From controls and reliability to full-scale field research validation, our facility is the place to test.


Find Project Location

We identify permitting requirements, local incentives and environmental impacts.

Develop Project

We negotiate and secure interconnection agreements, power purchasing agreements, internet network to site, FAA approval.

Commission Project

After commissioning the project, we offer on-site technician support, storage options for large equipment near project site, and serve as the liaison between you and the utility.
wind turbine

"From validated wind speed data that is above the national average, to our extensive experience working with key players in project site scoping, ongoing operations and maintenance, and more, the Group NIRE field site is able to provide a one of a kind experience."

Director of Operations & Energy Management
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Featured Work

wind turbines in field
Our organization, in partnership with Texas Tech University, Sandia National Laboratories and Vestas, built and deployed the new Scaled Wind Farm Technology ("SWiFT") facility. Read more...
Hover Energy
April of 2016, saw the testing and certification of Hover Energy's new wind turbine prototype at Group NIRE's testing site at the Reese Technology Center. Read more...

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