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Timothy S. Sliwinski, Ph.D

Timothy S. Sliwinski, Ph.D

Project Manager for Meteorology and Data Science


Dr. Timothy S. Sliwinski is an atmospheric scientist with specialties in fine-scale weather modeling and high-performance computing. At Group NIRE, Tim utilizes his experience and expertise as the Project Manager for Meteorology and Data Science for Group NIRE’s real-time weather forecasting system known as Herold™. In this role, Tim is responsible for keeping the 1064-core computing cluster that generates Herold’s forecasts operational 24/7 and generating new and innovative products that best serve clients’ needs. Recent projects have involved machine learning for wind power forecasting, the generation of simulated satellite imagery from forecast model output, and increasing the resilience of the real-time forecasting process against unscheduled cluster node outages. When not working on new products or cluster administration, Tim writes grant proposals to further enhance the forecasting system’s hardware and its products. He also attends conferences to represent Herold and meet with current and potential clients.

Dr. Sliwinski holds both a master’s and doctorate in atmospheric science from Texas Tech University and dual bachelor’s degrees in meteorology with honors and applied mathematics from Florida State University. Throughout his studies and career, Tim has obtained over 10 years of experience studying a wide scale of weather processes with numerical weather prediction models. Most recently, his research has focused on turbulent processes of the atmospheric boundary layer leading to moist convection initiation. Additionally, Tim has over 8 years of experience with high performance computing as both a researcher and systems administrator. Using this experience, he has published original research on analyzing mesoscale large eddy simulation datasets more efficiently.

Outside of his duties with Herold, Tim stays active in the scientific community. As a member of the American Meteorological Society, he serves as Program Co-Chair of the High-Performance Computing committee and is a committee member on the Artificial Intelligence committee. Additionally, Tim was recently invited and participated in a scoping meeting for the National Academy of Sciences regarding high performance computing in the atmospheric sciences.

Post: Project Manager for Meteorology and Data Science
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