Smart Grid + Cyber Security

Cyber-attacks and efficient management of energy systems present serious challenges to utilities and owners/operators of the electric grid. Through the use of Group NIRE and TTU cyber security testing facilities, utilities can test theories and new approaches to security and distribution with a real-time micro grid test facility.

In partnership with the Center for the Commercialization of Electric Technology (CCET) and the Department of Energy (DOE), Texas Tech University and Group NIRE have established a unique network capable of performing actual cyber security attacks using live data from or by neuro phasors.

TTU Synchrophasor Network (also known as PMU Network) The synchrophasors network provides high resolution data for grid operators to understand if issues are occurring on the electric grid. Deployed in the panhandle portion of Southwest Power Pool (blue shaded area) which covers part of the Texas panhandle and SE New Mexico. Four units that are presently installed and marked by red stars are:

  • Texas Tech Campus
  • Reese Center (Alstom)
  • Reese Center (SWiFT)
  • Draw, TX (Lyntegar)

Texas Smart Grid Network Deployment

Reese Technology Center
Texas Tech University