Wind Plant Optimization & Integration

Group NIRE facilitates the deployment of new technology to reduce the cost of renewable energy and specializes in deploying prototype units for the North American energy industry.

  • Majority of the wind power plants in the U.S and worldwide face the problem of underperformance compared to design estimations. Group NIRE has expertise in these multidisciplinary areas and can help partners carry out research to improve performance and enhance the reliability of the energy supplied to the grid.
  • Group NIRE and Texas Tech University are carrying out extensive research in the area of turbine-to-turbine interactions to achieve overall improvement in performance and reliability. The SWiFT facility is managed by Sandia National Labs and located at the Reese Technology Center in Lubbock, TX, to primarily study turbine-to-turbine interactions.
  • Wakes of upwind turbines in an array can influence the power production and cause fatigue on the life of the downwind turbines. Several methods and optimization techniques can be used to modify the control systems of upwind turbines to reduce the losses incurred.
  • Weather events as well as conditions of the electric grid can have an influence on the wind power production.

The field test site is located in a high wind resource and provides power to the local residents around the Reese Technology Center.

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