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What an honor for Group NIRE to be featured in ElectronicDesign’s Webinar this week.  The webinar covered many of the problems that companies are facing with Wide Bandgap testing.  Mark Harral, CEO of Group NIRE, and Joshua MacFie, Group NIRE’s Principal Electronics Engineer spoke to the problems that our clients are facing in their WBG testing and how to solve them.

Wide Band Gap (WBG) devices are still fairly new to the device market. SiC and GaN WBG technologies have made the largest impact in the electronics industry overall. Though many manufacturers and researchers have been adopting these WBG technologies over the past few years, they are still in their infancy. The limits of silicon in many areas of electronic systems, especially in power systems such as inverters, converters, high power pulsers, etc., are beginning to be seen. This limiting nature in power systems has delayed the creation of the next generation of highly efficient and space saving power electronics. WBG electronic devices, such as SiC (Silicon Carbide) and GaN (Gallium Nitride) have been gaining ground in power electronics over the past few years as a replacement for traditional silicon devices. WBG devices can overcome some of the edge limits seen in silicon devices due to many factors including increased power handling capabilities and increased thermal capabilities.

As WBG devices penetrate further into the market many needs have revealed themselves. One such need is for testing of these devices. Since these devices push the limits of existing proven technologies, the testing methods developed by, and for, these proven technologies lack in their abilities to test WBG devices properly. New testing devices and new testing methods must be made and used to test the limits of these devices.

Though silicon still has its place in the market, WGB technologies have made great strides over the past few years. With more and more devices hitting the market each year, even more new ways are being found to use these products. This webinar covers some of the challenges facing WBG testing as well as the role Group NIRE is playing in this cutting-edge field.