Power electronics have taken an interesting turn toward the adoption of wide bandgap (WBG) devices such as GaN and SiC. While silicon still dominates the market, the emergence of GaN and SiC devices will soon direct technology toward new, more efficient solutions. Yole Développement (Yole) estimates that revenue from SiC devices will account for more than 10% of the market by 2025, while revenue from GaN devices will be more than 2% of the market by 2025.

Prominent suppliers of SiC power devices include STMicroelectronics, Cree/Wolfspeed, Rohm, Infineon Technologies, ON Semiconductor, and Mitsubishi Electric. For GaN, Yole Développement cites Power Integrations and Infineon as the main players, as well as innovative startups such as Navitas Semiconductor, Efficient Power Conversion (EPC), GaN Systems, and Transphorm.” EET News:

Group NIRE is working with several of these suppliers to provide independent testing that can perform reliability analysis on these new and emerging Wide Bandgap semiconductor devices.