Group NIRE Renewable Energy Solutions

Group NIRE is a company focused on developing energy resources from early stage technologies to commanded deployment. Group NIRE was formed in 2010 to accelerate the development, commercialization, certification and adoption of new technologies in the energy industry. Through the use of a research field site at the Reese Technology Center in Lubbock, TX, Group NIRE enables its partners to perform real world testing that leads to accelerated technology commercialization.

Group NIRE provides project development and consulting services for both commercial and research purposes. In addition to developing wind projects, we are also working with several international renewable energy manufacturers to commercialize new products and technologies.

2015 Energy Resource Management Conference


September 29-30th, 2015


To Be Announced


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Real World Testing

When it comes to real world testing and certification, Group NIRE is the partner of choice due to our unique relationship with the local utilities, National Wind Institute and companies like DNV-GL. The research field site at the Reese Technology Center have evolved into one of the largest energy research facilities in the world.

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