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Energy & Weather Forecasting: Herold



Group NIRE and Texas Tech University have teamed up to create a new weather forecasting service named Herold. Using cutting edge science and robust super-computing capabilities, Herold provides customers in both the energy and agriculture sector with extremely detailed forecasts using high resolution weather map spacing. At this time, the industry uses 12 km spacing. Herold uses a smaller, 4 km spacing, allowing for more accurate forecasts for any desired location.

Energy traders, schedulers and asset managers use Herold to reduce risk and make day-to-day financial and operational decisions with confidence. Additionally, Herold provides farmers and others in agriculture, certainty in precipitation, temperature, and soil moisture to make more informed decisions.


Press Releases

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Group NIRE announces the hiring of Dr. Timothy Sliwinski as a forecast analyst for Herold. Read more...
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Herold, a startup company founded by Texas Tech University and Group NIRE has won $100,000 in funding. Read more...
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Texas Tech University and Group NIRE have partnered to create an energy weather forecasting application. Read more...

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