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Energy Storage


Plug and Play Facility

Energy storage promises to play a key role in the modernization of our electric grid. Several of these technologies are still at an early stage and require more data on their performance, reliability and safety through extended use under realistic grid conditions.

Our facility provides a location for grid-tied field demonstrations of both residential and utility scale storage systems. We work with the third-party certification body of your choice to evaluate storage capacity, losses and round-trip efficiency of your energy storage solution in a real world environment.

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Benefits of Energy Storage

      1. Balance Load – to shift energy consumption into the future, often by several hours – so that more existing generating capacity is used efficiently.
      2. Bridge Power – in other words, to ensure there is no break in service during the seconds-to-minutes required to switch from one power generation source to another.
      3. Power Quality Management – the control of voltage and frequency to avoid damaging sensitive equipment – is an increasing concern that storage can alleviate whenever needed, for a few seconds or less, many times each day.

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