Group NIRE in Partnership with Texas Tech Researchers Gain Customer for Herold App

Herold Logo colorLubbock, TX, January 2018 — Crop Insurance Solutions begins using Herold weather forecasting application to better serve their farmers.

Larry Turner, Crop Insurance Solutions, said he’s most looking forward, “To be able to help my clients and farmers predict wind, hail and rain where they can better manage their crops and make better risk management decisions.”

Herold is an energy and weather forecasting application that was created by Dr. Brian Ancell, Assistant Professor in Atmospheric Science at Texas Tech University. Herold was developed through Ancell’s research in high-impact weather predictability and provides high-resolution forecasts along with associated forecast uncertainty over a majority of central United States. This research is showcased through Herold as the application provides a 48-hour forecast for precipitation, temperature, wind and humidity.

Mark Harral, Group NIRE CEO overseeing Herold, said, “We are looking forward to doing business with Crop Insurance Solutions as this marks the beginning of us working together to build resiliency within this industry and many others. Our main goal is to help businesses, people and families alike save money, time, and ultimately lives. With this forecasting application projecting weather 48 hours in advance, allows companies to better prepare for extreme weather conditions.”

Herold also goes more in depth into the forecast in providing probabilities for high-impact thresholds including wind speeds over 30 mph and hourly rainfall. Those who purchase a subscription to Herold will also be able to have custom push notifications sent to their phone. Herold holds no bounds to specific industries but crosses industry borders to a diverse range of entities. From propelling businesses and farmers to developing the future efficiency of the transportation industry, Herold is versatile and caters to the needs of each customer.