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Upgrading the nation’s interconnected system of electricity production and transmission to improve reliability, security, and economy requires innovative solutions and highly qualified professionals to operate and maintain new smart grid technologies. NETL is playing an important role in both grid improvements and workforce development.

Take, for example, a new technology called a phasor measurement unit, or PMU, which monitors electrical properties like voltage, current, and frequency at precise locations and times throughout the entire grid. Read more

Gamesa wind turbine

Press Release by Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

Gamesa, a global technology leader in the wind industry, has commissioned its first 60Hz G114-2.0 MW wind turbine prototype in the United States, in Texas.

The installation of the prototype was completed mid-March at the Reese Technology Center in Lubbock, triggering the start of the intensive process of validating and certifying the new turbine.

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Hover Energy tested its transformative wind turbine technology in Lubbock, Texas at Group NIRE’s field site.

Press Release by Cision PRWeb

Group NIRE and Hover Energy, LLC (“Hover” or the “Company”) announced today that Hover tested its new wind turbine technology in real-world conditions with Group NIRE, in association with Texas Tech University.

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Platform will simultaneously manage market level regulation and distribution system support functions for large-scale integration of renewable generation onto the grid.
Internet of Energy - Digital Outputs

DNV GL, the world’s largest resource of independent energy experts and certification, together with its partners, Group NIRE and Geli (Growing Energy Labs, Inc.), will produce and operate an Internet of Energy (IoEn) platform integrating the management of up to 100 distributed energy resources (DER).

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Innovative Solution Comprising Intel Security and Wind River Technology Has Been Penetration Tested at Texas Tech University

Press Release by McAfee Security Solutions

Intel Security, a leading provider of comprehensive security solutions to local governments and energy sectors around the word, today announced a technology platform that could secure both legacy and new capabilities within the electric power grid.

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