A word from our CEO:

Over the past few years cybersecurity has been taking front stage more and more often in all of our affairs. Lately new viruses and ransomware releases have plagued the world wide web resulting in some very serious infractions. The most recent attacks have brought more light to the role cybersecurity should play in our energy infrastructure. This role should be pre-emptive, active, and reactive. At Group NIRE our cybersecurity infrastructure is a living breathing entity, as we feel it should be. Group NIRE is constantly reviewing its cybersecurity policies and practices as well as its offerings. Due to the recent environment, Group NIRE has decided to double down on its cybersecurity efforts. These efforts will be focused on our own cybersecurity as well as those of our partners and vendors. Group NIRE is also moving to implement added cybersecurity infrastructure in order to better mitigate cybersecurity issues. In a world where more and more remote DER’s (distributed energy resources) and managed loads are automated and aggregated cybersecurity plays an exponentially increasing role.Joshua MacFie

Joshua MacFie, CEO Group NIRE