Hover Energy tested its transformative wind turbine technology in Lubbock, Texas at Group NIRE’s field site.

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Group NIRE and Hover Energy, LLC (“Hover” or the “Company”) announced today that Hover tested its new wind turbine technology in real-world conditions with Group NIRE, in association with Texas Tech University. Hover successfully completed the wind test that will allow for the aerodynamics optimization of the Company’s wind turbine.

The technology behind Hover Energy’s unit is a ground-breaking integration of aerodynamics, magnetic levitation and magnetic power generation that delivers a more efficient turbine with a wide range of applications. Because the turbine allows for laminar air flow, initial installations will focus on commercial rooftops. The unit is also distinctive for its simplified design, direct DC power generation, low and high wind velocity operations, and automated power generation at varying speeds.

Hover anticipates introducing a utility-scale wind turbine after the introduction of its rooftop model. The Company possesses a growing portfolio of 24 patent filings, eight of which have been issued or allowed, and its first pilot project will be installed in the coming months.

Group NIRE is pleased to work with Hover as it commercializes a wind technology that is expected to accomplish a step change in efficiency for the industry.

About Group NIRE and Texas Tech University

Group NIRE, in partnership with Texas Tech University, has developed the Global Laboratory for Energy Asset Management & Manufacturing (GLEAMM). GLEAMM is located at the Reese Technology Center in Lubbock, TX, USA and provides real-world testing and certification services to accomplish its core mission of advancing the energy industry. Group NIRE focuses on the use of field data to verify models and simulations through the use of its field test facility. As Group NIRE advances its knowledge of the multi-disciplinary issues facing the energy industry, Group NIRE applies lessons learned to commercialize energy products developed at the test facility. Additional information is available at www.groupnire.com.

About Hover Energy, LLC

Hover Energy LLC possesses a transformative wind turbine technology which offers a unique combination of aerodynamics, magnetic levitation and magnetic power generation. Its turbines are expected to transform the current wind energy market by providing higher efficiency and a wider range of applications. The Company is based in Dallas, Texas. Additional information is available at www.hoverenergy.com.

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