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                                         LUBBOCK, TX (May 2019)  Together with Texas Tech University and PowerAmerica, Group  NIRE has begun the research and development of a Wide Band Gap (WBG) dV/dt testbed. This testbed will increase the availability of dV/dt testing and will improve future testbeds for commercial use at the Group NIRE testing facility. This effort has been focused on pushing the limits of dV/dt testing in order to test these WBG devices at the extremes that they are capable of. Read more

Dallas-Fort Worth news station, WFAA begins using the Herold application to assist their weather team.

Herold colored logoLubbock, TX (October 2018) WFAA is a Dallas—Fort Worth based news station that covers local news and produces weather forecasts for the area. Recently they have purchased a customized subscription package with Herold to assist their weather team. Read more