Group NIRE in Partnership With Texas Tech Begins Testing for Wide Band Devices

Lubbock, TX, November 2018 — Group NIRE in partnership with Texas Tech University aims to improve the confidence in long-term reliability performance of Wide Band Gap (WBG) devices. Group NIRE’s strategy in making this improvement is through characterization, testing, and failure analysis. To improve this confidence, Group NIRE has established an independent testing facility and brings deployed field-testing experience to the project.

Joshua MacFie, Electrical Engineer at Group NIRE, states that, “Industry has shown a need for testing cutting edge Wide Band Gap devices. Group NIRE exists in a perfect niche to fill this gap, between its previous real-world testing successes and its strong connection to TTU Wide Band Gap researchers. This proposed work will allow the growth of Group NIRE’s testing capabilities that will both fill the gap and open the door to more testing opportunities for Group NIRE in the future. All of this is going to support a growing local environment rich in cutting edge technologies as well as adept personnel.”

“We are excited to begin testing this long-term reliability performance of WBG devices as this will open up many different avenues that our company has yet to tap into. The future of our real-world testing continues to be bright!” said Autumn Wilkerson, Group NIRE Director of Communications and Marketing.