Dallas-Fort Worth news station, WFAA begins using the Herold application to assist their weather team.

Herold colored logoLubbock, TX (October 2018) WFAA is a Dallas—Fort Worth based news station that covers local news and produces weather forecasts for the area. Recently they have purchased a customized subscription package with Herold to assist their weather team.

“We’re very happy to be working with WFAA. By providing our raw simulated radar reflectivity fields directly into the WSI platform, Herold will be informing WFAA’s meteorologists with the information they need regarding severe weather expected to affect their viewing area. We know that with this information right at their fingertips and right where they need it, they and their viewers will benefit greatly. And with the knowledge learned about getting data into the WSI platform, we hope to provide this information to many other users who depend on the WSI platform for their visualization needs,” Herold Forecast Analyst, Dr. Timothy Sliwinski, said.

Herold’s forecasting system is customizable to each specific user or company. The weather forecasting application offers push notifications alerting users of their weather event of choice, and covers a majority of the central United States. Two high-resolution 48-hour probabilistic forecasts are offered twice a day and hourly forecast information is provided on both mobile and web application interfaces as soon as they are available. The Herold team is excited to have WFAA on board!