Group NIRE, welcomes our new Control Engineer, Sanka Liyanage.  Sanka is a control and robotic engineer.  He specializes in industrial network control systems and mobile robots.  He will be working in our growing, Wide Bandgap Testing facility, located at the Reece Center in Lubbock, Texas. We are so honored to have him join our team!

Sanka earned his doctorate in mechanical engineering with a focus on dynamical systems and control from Texas Tech University. He received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical and manufacturing engineering from the University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka. Throughout his studies and industrial internship, Sanka has obtained over seven years of experience.  His studies included, industrial network control systems, SCADA, and mobile robots.

Sanka recently led the design engineering team to develop the SCADA system using Lab-view, Qt, and node-Red programming platforms to facilitate the next generation micro-grid research. He also piloted the data monitoring system using Lab-view, Qt, and node-Red programming platforms for a sustainable smart home project, in Junction, Texas, to enable high precision data collection and monitoring for sustainable living research.  Apart from that, he also worked on developing SCADA systems for lab-scale microgrid testbeds at Texas Tech University.

Contact Sanka to ask him about what he can do for your company’s Wide Bandgap Testing needs.