Hover Energy Begins Testing at GNIRE’s Field Site

Hover Energy is testing their new revolutionary vertical axis wind turbine Lubbock, TX at Group NIRE’s field site. They have already successfully completed their first phase of testing and has begun their second phase this April.

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Hover Energy’s Press Release

Hover Energy Conducts Aerodynamics Testing of New Wind Technology with Group NIRE, in Association with Texas Tech University

Hover Energy tested its transformative wind turbine technology in Lubbock, Texas at Group NIRE’s field site


LUBBOCK, Texas and Dallas, Texas, April 2016 – Group NIRE and Hover Energy, LLC (“Hover” or the “Company”) announced today that Hover tested its new wind turbine technology in real-world conditions with Group NIRE, in association with Texas Tech University. Hover successfully completed the wind test that will allow for the aerodynamics optimization of the Company’s wind turbine.

The technology behind Hover Energy’s unit is a ground-breaking integration of aerodynamics, magnetic levitation and magnetic power generation that delivers a more efficient turbine with a wide range of applications. Because the turbine allows for laminar air flow, initial installations will focus on commercial rooftops. The unit is also distinctive for its simplified design, direct DC power generation, low and high wind velocity operations, and automated power generation at varying speeds.

Hover anticipates introducing a utility-scale wind turbine after the introduction of its rooftop model. The Company possesses a growing portfolio of 24 patent filings, eight of which have been issued or allowed, and its first pilot project will be installed in the coming months.

Group NIRE is pleased to work with Hover as it commercializes a wind technology that is expected to accomplish a step change in efficiency for the industry.


About Hover Energy, LLC

Hover Energy LLC possesses a transformative wind turbine technology which offers a unique combination of aerodynamics, magnetic levitation and magnetic power generation. Its turbines are expected to transform the current wind energy market by providing higher efficiency and a wider range of applications. The Company is based in Dallas, Texas. Additional information is available at

About Group NIRE and Texas Tech University

Group NIRE, in partnership with Texas Tech University, has developed the Global Laboratory for Energy Asset Management & Manufacturing (GLEAMM). GLEAMM is located at the Reese Technology Center in Lubbock, TX, USA and provides real-world testing and certification services to accomplish its core mission of advancing the energy industry. Group NIRE focuses on the use of field data to verify models and simulations through the use of its field test facility. As Group NIRE advances its knowledge of the multi-disciplinary issues facing the energy industry, Group NIRE applies lessons learned to commercialize energy products developed at the test facility.

Group NIRE congratulates GE on Alstom acquisition

General Electric’s acquisition of Alstom is “the biggest industrial investment GE has ever made,” according to their new website at, and is “critical” to the transformation that they are making in the company.

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Group NIRE is excited to see how this merger will help propel the industry forward. Group NIRE’s Director of Project Development, Destiny Vasquez remarked, “I have seen our GE and Alstom partners connect through Group NIRE to find out more about each other’s projects going on at the field site to see where they can combine resources.”

Alstom is a global clean technology leader with projects ranging in wind, solar, nuclear, hydro, tidal, carbon capture and sequestration technologies. Their investments and projects range from North America to the Spanish wind power market, which is the second largest in Europe. GE acquiring Alstom provides a big opportunity to manage a larger quantity of power to provide efficient energy. This will help enable utilities and the industry to better manage produced electricity from generation consumption.

Group NIRE would like to congratulate GE on its leap forward in their evolution into a digital industrial company.

For more information about GE-Alstom visit:

ARPA-E Funds Testing at Group NIRE’s Field Site

Group NIRE in partnership with DNV GL will test energy storage and distributed energy technologies funded by Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E). The program for testing these technologies is called Cycling Hardware to Analyze and Ready Grid-Scale Electricity Storage (CHARGES).

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Through CHARGES, ARPA-E will be able to test and evaluate their technologies in both realistic conditions and controlled environments. This will help advance ARPA-E’s overall mission to move innovative energy technologies from the lab into the market.

In conjunction with Group NIRE, other DNV GL partners such as NY-Best and CAR Technologies will provide third-party test facilities to analyze some of ARPA-E’s existing grid-storage technologies. At Group NIRE’s field-testing site, located at the Reese Technology Center, novel battery chemistries and innovative design architectures will be tested. GNIRE’s micro-grid will be utilized for this testing which is also where wind turbines are connected to the local distribution grid. Through this funding and testing at GNIRE’s field site propels advancements in battery technology across the industry.

Group NIRE Test Facility Featured in Windpower

Check out this article by Windpower Engineering and Development to see more of what Group NIRE is doing:

Group NIRE’s facilities provide efficient and professional management to test and certify next generation energy technology. With many customers such as Gamesa, Alstom, and a working partnership with DNV GL, Group NIRE is able to make advances for the energy industry. Projects such as the Scaled Wind Farm Technology (SWiFT) and a Global Lab for Energy Asset Management and Manufacturing (GLEAMM) are ongoing at Group NIRE’s field site.


Wind River Helix Device Cloud: Product of the Year

Congratulations to Wind River! This summer announced the recipients of the 2015 Smart Grid Product of the Year Award. Wind River, a global leader in delivering software for intelligent connected systems was on the list for the 2015 Smart Grid Product of the Year Award for the Wind Helix Device Cloud. The award is given to and recognizes “outstanding innovation across all facets of smart grid technologies,” according to

Group NIRE is a featured customer of Wind River and utilizes the Helix Device Cloud to leverage data from the smart grid. The device allows Group NIRE to combine multiple data sets generated from wind energy into a single data stream in one location.

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“Our vision is to combine weather forecasting data, real-time wind turbine data, battery data, as well as PMU data. We’re using the Internet of Things to combine these datasets, to make actionable decisions in real time,” Group NIRE CEO, Mark Harral, said.

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